Skeptical Argument: The Only Real Proof is Out-of-Body Veridical Perception

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S QUESTION: “Something amazing happens during a near-death experience. There are still profound questions, like, why doesn’t everyone who comes close to death have an NDE? And, is the NDE the brain’s final fantasy? Autoscopy (being out of body, looking down) is the SOLE trait of the NDE amenable to […]

Skeptical Argument: The Existence of God is Unlikely

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S ARGUMENT: “By looking at human behavior as objectively as I can, from an anthropological perspective, all paths lead me to support the hypothesis that God is the combination of projection and transference of a given culture’s (and individual’s) ideals and ideal relationships onto an unseen (yet psychically, very real) […]

A Skeptic’s Hoax Near-Death Experience and Fraud Is Exposed

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. A skeptic named Thomas Westbrook posted a hoax NDE on a popular NDE website on June 11, 2017. Then, two weeks later, he created a YouTube video called “Near Death Experiences Explained – Truth About NDEs” on his Holy Koolaid Channel to promote the hoax as part of an effort […]

Skeptical Argument: Self-Awareness Is Just a Brain Function

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S QUESTION: “If the ‘I’ does, in fact, survive bodily death, I’d like to know where the ‘I’ goes under general anesthesia. Where does it go during sleep (for those of us who don’t recall dreams)? Where does the ‘I’ go in someone who is in a coma? And is […]

Skeptical Argument: People Don’t Actually Survive Death

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S ARGUMENT: “With great trepidation, I allowed myself the thought that the resurrection of Christ didn’t accord with science. Death, by definition, is a permanent and irreversible biological state. Later, that quiet tremor became a defiant reality testing rallying cry, as I boldly said: ‘I believe that Jesus Christ was […]

Skeptical Argument: Nothing Useful Comes From NDEs

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S ARGUMENT: “Another problem is that no one who has returned has ever brought back anything useful, such as, for instance, the formula for the compound curing AIDS. All we have is “the purpose of life is to love, and to acquire as much knowledge as possible” stories. That’s nice, […]

Skeptical Argument: NDEs Should Be Demonstrated Empirically

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S QUESTION: “Can we deny that something is going on, given the countless reports of near-death experiences, that some transpersonal reality exists? The NDE appears to happen in the Sylvian Fissure. If people really are out of their bodies and traveling remotely, why can’t this be demonstrated empirically? The answer, […]

Skeptical Argument: NDEs Are Scientifically Falsifiable

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S QUESTION: “One of the characteristics of a near-death experience is being out of body. This, mercifully, is scientifically falsifiable. Whether or not someone is out of their body can be experimentally determined. There are no ifs about it. It’s either a fact, or it’s not. Studies may already be […]

Skeptical Argument: Life Outside the Universe Is Unlikely

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. SKEPTIC’S ARGUMENT: “The picture looks bleak so far for our survival. If the spiritual universe is completely outside of the material universe, then it has no true bearing on the physical universe, and if this is the case, then there might as well be no god. God’s existence is only […]

Debunking the Pseudoskeptics of Near-Death Experiences

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. Many people who refer to themselves as “skeptics” of near-death experiences are actually pseudoskeptics. A true skeptic, as defined by philosophers of ancient Greece, is a nonbeliever – a person who does not make conclusions based on inconclusive evidence. Critics of near-death experiences who assert negative claims but call themselves […]