Adam as a Past Life of Jesus Christ

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all accept the account of Adam and Eve as part of their religion. The Bible gave the distinct title of “Son of God” to only three personalities in the entire Bible: Adam, Melchizedek, and Jesus. So, it should not be surprising that these three personalities have […]

Timeline of Reincarnation

Ancient People, Religions and Philosophies Courtesy: Summit Lighthouse Figure 01 — images/graphics/diagrams/timeline_of_reincarnation_01.jpg Figure 02 — images/graphics/diagrams/timeline_of_reincarnation_02.jpg

Resurrection and Reincarnation

By Peter Novak The apparent contradictory concepts of reincarnation and resurrection can be resolved by a very interesting theory developed by Peter Novak, author of The Division of Consciousness: The Secret Afterlife of the Human Psyche and The Lost Secret of Death: Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife. His compelling theory, which he calls the […]

Reincarnation In Judaism

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. From time to time in Jewish history, there was an insistent belief that their prophets were reborn. Evidence of this can be found in the Hebrew scriptures, the Dead Sea Scrolls, early Christian and Jewish Gnostic writings, the New Testament, and the writings of ancient historians. At the time of […]

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Her Near-Death Experience

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. A lot of media attention is being given to the novel “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown because of its radical claims purporting to be historical truth. The book may be riding the popular crest of another recent religious story about Jesus called “The Passion.” Since the book was […]

Reincarnation In Early Christianity

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. In December, 1945, early Christian writings containing many secrets of the early Christian religion were found in upper Egypt, a location where many Christians fled during the Roman invasion of Jerusalem. Undisturbed since their concealment almost two thousand years ago, these manuscripts of Christian mysticism rank in importance with the […]

Reincarnation in Early Church History

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. It really shouldn’t matter much whether or not a Christian believes in reincarnation. Doctrines and beliefs matter very little in comparison to a mystical experience with the light of God. A multitude of near-death accounts affirm that God is not concerned about the theology that people profess; rather it is […]

Reincarnation in Christian History

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. Many Christians have the misconception that the concept of reincarnation holds that, at the time of death, people reincarnate immediately and do not have any experiences in the spirit realms in between Earth lives. Near-death experiences prove this misconception to be untrue. Because time does not exist in the spirit […]

The Mystical Book of Revelation

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc. The Book of Revelation, often called the Revelation to John, or the Apocalypse of John, is a book of the New Testament that occupies a central place in Christian eschatology. Its title is derived from the first word of the text, written in Koine Greek: “apokalypsis”, meaning “unveiling” or “revelation”. […]

Reincarnation in the Bible (Part 8)

By Kevin Williams, B.Sc. Table of Contents References Resources and Links a. Reincarnation eBooks b. Reincarnation Books c. Reincarnation Websites (1) Reincarnation Researchers (2) Reincarnation Main Websites (3) Reincarnation Cases (4) Reincarnation Articles (5) Reincarnation in the News (6) Reincarnation YouTube Videos (7) Christian Reincarnation on Wikipedia (8) Reincarnation on Psi Encyclopedia (9) Reincarnation on […]