Laurence Brock’s Near-Death Experience

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

Laurence Brock, D.D.S. ( has had a private practice for over thirty five years. His journey of learning to heal has been a journey of self-discovery. He has had the great opportunity to study with some amazing people who have taught him wonderful techniques and have assisted in awakening a special healing ability within himself. Dr. Brock has many credentials including a Master’s and Doctorate of Spiritual Science. He is an Ordained Minister, a Certified Polarity Therapist, a Certified Human Dynamics Bodywork Practitioner, a fully accredited SCENAR Therapist, and a Post Graduate in Advanced Ministerial Counseling, and, last but not least, Near-Death Experience (D.O.A.). Dr. Brock has a YouTube Channel where you can watch him give his near-death testimony. On his website you can Schedule an Appointment with him; read about his Services and Fees; learn about his biofeedback process called SCENAR (an acronym for Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation); and discover his Low Level Laser Therapy. Read some Testimonials of people who have benefited from his services.

In 1976 I was in a near fatal car accident. I was young and somewhat foolish. I was living in Colorado at the time. I had come back to Rye Brook, NY to visit my parents. I traveled back with my roommate who was also from the area. A young lady, who I was interested in, invited us to a party. At the party I had some drinks. I decided to over play that I was drunk and needed a ride home so I could leave my car, well my mother’s car, at the young lady’s house and have an excuse to come back the next day. So I had a few more drinks and got a ride from my roommate and headed back to my parents. When I was almost there I remembered that my sister needed the car in the morning to go to work. I asked my friend to drive me back to the party, of course he was somewhat resistant but I reassured him that I was fine and told him about my over playing being drunk in order to leave my car and see the young lady the next day when I picked it up. He understood and drove me back.

Needless to say I did not make it back to my parent’s. I fell asleep and drove into a very large tree. Later on looking at the pictures of the car I couldn’t imagine how I survived. Looking at the tree I saw just a small divot.

I had an experience that I did not really pay very much attention to at the time. As a matter of fact I just took it in stride and did not really understand the impact it had on my life until years later when I mentioned my experience to one of the professors at the University of Bridgeport after an L Breathing workshop I taught there. She asked me to speak to her class on Death and Dying. I was happy to do that. I like teaching and thought I could teach about spirituality, one of my favorite subjects.

I started to do research, I like to be prepared. I also posted a notice online that I was going to be talking about the near-death experience that I had at U of B and got a big response.

During my research I could see that the near-death experience was a turning point in my life.

After the car accident I started to meet a lot of people that had near-death experiences and because of their experience had become interested in Spiritual studies. Some, like myself, had developed astute intuition and sensitivity to the energy of others, a connection to a feeling of benevolence that is present everywhere and experienced this energy in their hands when touching others. I guess I was kind of naive, but at that time I did not acknowledge how amazing this is. My desire to learn more about this benevolence was stronger than my understanding that it was unique and wonderful. I wanted more.

I am getting ahead of myself. After the accident I do remember seeing my body leaning against the tree and a police officer crouching down and looking at me. I was floating above all of this. I was surrounded by white light. Where I saw my body it was night time. I did not feel like I was going into the Light as much as I was in the White Light and had a feeling that everything was okay beyond what I could understand. I did feel a gentle breeze taking me up. The feeling that everything was alright felt really good and benevolent. All of a sudden I heard a voice say, “ You have to go back, your Father wants you to stay”. I felt that the voice was an all knowing authority with the feeling that everything was alright and that In The Light and going back into my body was all within the everything that was alright so I went back into my body.

After the car accident I was unconscious for three days. When I came to my journey began.

During my near-death experience I had tapped into or went into The Soul Level. That during that time that I was out of my body I was my true spiritual self and since my conscious mind was not limiting what I could know and understand I was able to know and understand everything all at once. The feeling I had that everything is alright is the truth. In some of the traditions that I have since studied they talk about the divine ocean of love and beneficence. Well this is the white sky of love and beneficence.

Saying it was a feeling that everything is alright might be understating it. It is a knowing that everything is really alright and good. That everyone is alright and good. It is also knowing that something in me is alright and good. When I am in touch with it I see a lot of alright and good in others and in everything. As I am writing this it sounds small compared to what it is. But it is gentle and caring in a way that does not impose. In one way it is subtle but cannot be denied. It is a general direction with a knowing that the most wonderful, the most loving and the most beneficent experience is in moving in that direction. It is there up a head and here in the moving toward it.

Looking back and after years of studying Spiritual phenomenon I know during the near-death experience my spiritual seeing and healing abilities were activated. And that since then my life’s journey had become about connecting to this great source and serving others.

When I work with someone I can see this light in them that is alright and good. I also can see how to connect them to that both energetically and psychologically. I have a natural ability to know what to talk to them about to open up their consciousness and conscious mind to allow them to connect with this source of benevolence and well-being and it heals many things.