Vicki Moyer’s Near-Death Experience

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

The following is Vicki Moyer’s NDE testimony in her own words sent to Kevin Williams by email.

In February, 1995, I had a near-death experience. During my experience, I was standing in a beautiful garden and saw Jesus. He was sitting on a stone bench. We both were dressed in biblical gown and wore sandals.

Jesus let me see through a dimension to where my body being operated on in surgery. I could see it. I remember how I felt.

I felt like my body was only a shell and that it was not the true me. I felt like this was me, my soul.

I remember him letting me hear my friends and love ones pray for me.

Jesus told me about my mistakes that I have made while on Earth and how to do better in life. He told me that he was sending me back. He told me to remember my experience and tell others about it and that I saw him. He told me to tell them about the 10 commandments.

I remember waking up in the hospital room and my face was soaked and wet with tears as well as the top of my hospital gown. I placed my left hand on my cheek to wipe away tears. I had an oxygen mask on because I had breathing problems after surgery.

As, I slowly recovered, I remembered everything. I remembered how beautiful the garden was and how peaceful. Most of all, I remembered seeing Jesus and he was the most beautiful being I had ever seen. His presence was unconditional love.

I was happy to be back in this world, but, it changed my fear of dying. I know that the afterlife is a beautiful place for those that truly love God and Jesus.