Virgus Norman’s Near-Death Experience

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

The following is Virgus Norman’s NDE testimony in his own words sent to Kevin Williams by email.

Believe me when I say, I was not a nice person 27 years ago. I believed in nothing and took advantage of everything and everyone. I died due to alcoholic poisoning.

I heard his voice after he called me in the darkness. He was real mad at me for being such a fool with my life. I had never known fear like this. When he spoke, the entire universe shook with the power of his voice. I know his power is beyond description. He is omnipotent. Do not anger God as he can be terrifying! I know because I have experienced it. I came to the very edge of being scattered to the four corners of the universe. He shows pity and love to those who repent and accept him. I threw myself at his mercy and he forgave me for being such a waster. From that point on, my life has not been the same. He showed me so much and gave me special knowledge which I cannot recall to mind, although I have tried. I know it’s there. I just cannot access it.

My riches are as old rags compared to him. It has taken me 27 years after the NDE to grow to be aware of the following.”

Some Thoughts About This Area

One thing we can say for sure about such occurrences is that not everyone will ever accept them. Like being a conservative or liberal, labor, capitalist or Marxist, there will always be differing perspectives on life’s experiences. Like religion, many wars, conflicts, and disputes have occurred over attempting to convert or enforce opposing or differing views. It’s easy to say, “Well, that’s humanity.” Ok, so it is – sad but true! But, we should learn and progress from history, not regress down the same old road. I believe one of our main problems as people is that we are continuously in a state of flux. In other words, moods, experiences, influences, and occurrences act to persistently form, modify, and reform attitudes we have about all sorts of things. I maintain, it’s also true we are often unaware of these transformations taking place. We can be swept along on a tide of attitude by pier groups also. What a mixed-up bunch of creatures we all are. Don’t forget the cultural influences which have a huge angle on our attitude. Is there any hope with so many differing and opposing factors pulling in so many different directions? No wonder we always in conflict over something!

So, what on Earth has this all to do with NDEs? Nothing and everything is the answer. I maintain one of the golden keys to help us at least cope and live with this above confusion is self knowledge. Self knowledge, is taken to mean a consistent, persistent inner refection on ourselves. Spending more time understanding ourselves leads to true wisdom. Within ourselves lay the keys to happiness, tolerance, understanding, contentment, truth, and whole bunch of other qualities. Who can ever hope to live with anyone until they have learned to live with ourselves? But these qualities we all have in differing degrees and depths. Intolerance is a sign of personal weakness which, again, we all have in differing depths. I know because I loss it at times like everyone else I know. It’s too easy to talk about it – but doing it! To loose your “rag” is not a sin. The sin is not to learn from it. I now know (thanks to God) that there is more than enough areas in life that I need to work on, without getting involved in others. Teach yourself before you teach others! This I have found out is no easy task. I have found it a constant battle with those contradictory, hypocritical sides of my personality. Every day I fall, and every day I get up and move on. I won’t do that again – until the next time. I take great comfort in my NDE experience as it reminds me continuously I have a lot of work to do,

My experience of God is that I have found him in the very subtle things of life. I have become very sensitive emotionally, feeling his guidance and presence in the quiet side of life. I am not a Bible basher, but I have to confess, I have gained a huge amount from reading it. I found (for me anyway), “Be still and know that I am God” is spot on. It works for me! I have found God in humility, gentleness, kindness, tolerance, temperance, and understanding.

If I wish to be close to the power, I relax and let the world wash over me with all it’s troubles, problems, and harshness. It washes from my mind. I think of his glory and greatness and all he has given me and I become very excited and happy. This when I find God speaks to me. He enriches and feeds my soul. It’s our special time together which nothing on Earth comes near. He helps me appreciate what he has given from the flowers to the wonders of life on our planet and just how special each and everything is to us and him. I count myself so fortunate to know the above. What God has given to us all is beyond human description. For me, God is more an experience than a description. If only one person reads all this, I am happy. I have almost too much God and need to share it with someone. I can honestly say if it helps someone out there, I would be so happy. His glory has shown me all things, and it’s stunning, beautiful, to behold. The strange thing about it is, I know it but cannot speak it in words. It’s beyond any human words.

Death holds no sting for me. Death to me is a flower opening in the spring – the coming home. To be with him is all anyone can wish for. I wish I could give all what I feel so as you could know that joy and love awaits those who go to him. I can’t wait until it comes. I, like any other normal person, am not looking forward to any possible pain or discomfort which proceeds it. But, I hope to keep focused on the love when it does come to me. God has shown me that death is a joy, not something to be feared. Live your life to the full with God. When he calls you, be happy. Be truthful to him and yourself. Go with nothing to hide. Go with love!