Wayne Wilson’s Near-Death Experience

By Kevin R. Williams, B.Sc.

The following is Wayne Wilson’s NDE testimony in his own words sent to Kevin Williams by email.

I was a young, “tough guy” years ago. Another life, it seems, I was in Northern Ontario looking for work in the mines, when I happened to get into a “scuffle” with another young tough guy. I fell and hit my head (the temple) on the corner of a metal waste container on my way to the floor. I was on my hands and knees, looking at the blood streaming from my skull into a pool on the tiles.

I looked up and saw that I was no longer in the room. I had been in; but, I was outside in a beautiful setting – rolling hills, trees, and birds singing in the sky. I was surrounded by a large group of beings. They were in a circle around me, observing me as I kneeled before them.

There appeared to be order to their positions. The younger looking ones were in the front, closest to me. The older behind, peering over the heads and shoulders of the ones in front of them. All of them wore white robes and were hairless (bald). They were communicating with each other with their minds and I could “hear” their thoughts in my mind, very, very clearly.

The younger ones were asking of the older ones, “Is he ready? Is he coming? Should we help him? Is he ready? Is he coming? Should we help him?”

The older ones simply stated, “Wait, be patient, wait …”

(Keep in mind, at this time in my life I was not spiritually involved or religious in any way. I was a tough guy; and I felt and was proud, that I walked alone.)

I shook my head and found myself back in the room, bleeding profusely from the cut. My “opponent” helped me to my feet and took me to get stitched up.

This vision was a profound and powerful event in my life, as you can imagine. It was some time ago (over 30 years) and there was not much talk those days about near-death experiences, so I kept quiet about it, pondered it, absorbed it, and eventually found myself renewed by it.

I was not on drugs, either. So it was not a drug-induced hallucination. This event occurred. It was real and I have no doubt of it’s authenticity. I have been given a gift in this seeing and can tell you all with complete confidence:

You are not alone … EVER!

And there IS NO DEATH!

Rejoice – be well – love!